Apr 182011

I see and get asked very regularly why sometimes in digital printing you get a different colored box around drop shadows, transparencies and sometimes masks.

The reason is because sometimes the printer rip software allows a different “rendering intent” to be selected for images (bitmap) to vector (spot colours) and quite often the rip software will even default these to be different settings for the 2 things.

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Mar 222011

Flexisign can communicate with Production Manager (also known as Photoprint) both on the same computer or across the network to another computer. It’s important you understand what Production manager you are trying to connect to.

If you are connecting to a computer across the network then when you select the “rip and print” button of the top menu it should open up a new dialog box asking if you want to connect to the local computer (the one you are working on now) or across the network. If you select the network you should be able to see any running versions of Production manager on the network, select that computer and send jobs directly to that computer.

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Mar 182011

We have found a bug within Photoprint v6 that has existed since the release of this version 6 relating to calibration when using multiple same printers. This problem will most likely exist in Flexisign although we have not at this stage tested this. I will post back to update as I know more.

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