Jul 262016

While we have unofficially been using the branding of TheColourGuru for years ever since Head Colour Ninja Rooney published a colour management book by this branding and name, we have now rebranded formally to Colour Dojo for a sleek new theme and name moving forwards.

We still offer the same digital colour solutions and its the same company AuPac Trading Pty Ltd, we hope our new brand will modernise our public face.

To see the new Colour Dojo website:


Jul 132016
Jun 142016

The shitbox rally is a fund raiser annual event to raise money for the Cancer Council. This year cars drove over 5000km from central Queensland via outback NSW into Victoria before crossing the Tasmin Straight on the Spirit of Tasmania into Launceston.

The GolourGuru was asked by friends Thomas and Luke of the “Stonecutters” car to provide signage and I was happy to assist by sponsoring it for them.

It was produced at one of my very long term customers of well over ten years, Qld Sign Factory.

Unexpectedly Luke fell very ill and wasn’t able to go on the rally because of urgent surgery, so Bradley was quickly called to take Luke’s place.

Well little did I know I was to end up sponsoring their car signage twice this year because the trusty Ford outback ute made it 20mins north of Brisbane before blowing a head gaskit.

Swiping quickly to a friend’s car I had about 2hrs to have another set of stickers produced and raced to meet them on the side of the road as they departed for a second time.

The new car survived the entire trip and the rally raised over Au$1.5m.

Because Luke was unable to go this year Luke has been guaranteed a place in next years rally so stay tuned next year.

Follow the Stonecutters here





Jun 142016

This is is one of my my loyal repeat customers that installed a HP Scitex 3100 Industrial latex printer earlier this year.

Ive calibrated all of their other printers and structured their workflow for consistency so without hesitation the asked me to return to get their new latex printer calibrated and set up to match their existing equipment.

The mesh provides special requirements for getting an accurate profile because the holes in the mesh interface with the profiling process however I was able to use specific equipment to allow this to happen accurately and scientifically.


Colourguru mesh hp3100

Jun 142016

We have left this website redirected to the AuPac Trading holding page for well over a year while structural changes were made.

The fantastic news is that thats all done and we have been finally able to relaunch this website. The work is still in progress a little so please don’t mind the dust and workmen in the corridors.

What does it all mean?

Well i’m glad you didn’t have to ask.
It means that the old content is again live and able to be used and viewed again at last, but also that we will resume adding new content in the form of education, stories, articles, and product reviews.

So its happy days and we are super glad you’re here with us in these very exciting times.

Mar 012013

FlexicloudSA International (SAi), the leading provider of solutions for the professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries, has extended two of its most popular software packages to include useful web-based tools that enhance the way sign and print providers do business. SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPRINT Cloud bring state-of-the-art, Internet-based capability to SAi’s best-known brands, while adding many useful functions.

SAi Flexi Cloud adds a new dimension to the feature-rich attributes of SAi’s leading sign making software, Flexi, which provides easy text layout and vinyl cutting packages that offer high production capabilities with cutting and printing tools. In addition, the new SAi PhotoPRINT Cloud increases the functionality of SAi’s PhotoPRINT RIP software, which offers an affordable, easy-to-use print-and-cut solution for wide-format print businesses.

Easily accessible via a Cloud Web Window that sits on a user’s desktop display, SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPRINT Cloud have been introduced to meet the changing needs of sign and print providers. Both programs offer three important tools that enable users to enjoy greater versatility across production and job tracking, wherever they’re working:

  • Local and remote production information through Job Reports – a valuable feature that offers an easy way for business owners to view production information and trends. The Job Reports tool provides summary production information on completed projects, providing critical analytics on print-and-cut jobs, printer and media usage, as well as total production time on each job.
  • Cloud Storage – an on-line data hosting facility that provides sign and print businesses with 1GB of free storage for uploading and archiving design jobs for backup, sharing and retrieval as required. Accessible via an icon within the Cloud Web Window, this convenient feature also provides the platform architecture needed for future cloud-based business growth capabilities.
  • FlexiQuote™ – an innovative web-based tool that allows sign and print businesses to quickly and effectively create customer quotes for new jobs. FlexiQuote features a simple, user-friendly design, which comes pre-loaded with a database of standard media and their costs to rapidly and accurately configure pricing, while factoring in materials, labor, commissions, discounts and taxes. As such, the handy FlexiQuote ‘wizard’ overcomes the occasionally troublesome and time-consuming job quoting process faced by sign and print providers, and can give a customer quote within 30 seconds.

Information on the Go
In addition to Job Reports being viewable through the Cloud Web Window within SAi’s Flexi Cloud and PhotoPRINT Cloud solutions, SAi has created a free, companion mobile application that also provides businesses owners with remote access to valuable production information while on the road or away from the office. Known as the SAi Cloud mobile app, SAi is the first RIP manufacturer to offer such a mobile application, which is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

SAi’s Cloud Web Window also provides useful links to a growing number of other resources and content. These include media profiles, software updates, support information, and SAi’s dedicated social media channels, which feature informative training materials and videos.

“Our customers know us for simplifying and improving the way they do business, so we are delighted to once again lead the way when it comes to delivering innovative tools that meet these objectives,” says Dean Derhak, Product Director at SAi. “Providing vital, instantaneous information, whether in the office or on the go, SAi Flexi Cloud and SAi PhotoPRINT Cloud reflect the fast-pace at which business owners operate today.

“The result is design-through-production software that enhances efficiency and builds on the heritage of our best-known brands to deliver information to users, wherever they’re working,” concludes Derhak.

Jul 182012

While at the Sign Ad event in Shanghai I took the time to look at one of the larger chinese manufacturers NAR.

I was in a small group of about 5, all also media vendors from around the world including France, Brazil etc.

NAR seems to be one of the better manufacturers in China, as you can see they have an excellent testing laboratory working to check consistency, however still you will note on their lab results sheet most lines are “OK” however a few are “NG” (Not Good). I think we all know those rolls will still be sold but to the people looking for cheaper price.

Also I note that at the Sign Ad show there would have been over 100 media venders offering product however there are clearly not that many factories – almost all of them are brokering product from other companies (yet will gladly tell you they manufacture the product and even take you on a factory tour as I did with NAR, however the factory is not their own and in this situation you loose control over consistency and also in paying a broker margin force the quality down further to remain competitive with chinese pricing. Continue reading »