About The Colour Guru


The Colour Guru is a division of AuPac Trading Pty Ltd located within Brisbane Australia.

We offer colour calibration services and related products leveraging our vast specialist experience, having been offering high end calibration and profile creation services for over 15 years.

The Colour Guru managing director is well recognised industry professional Michael Rooney, who held a range of professional positions within the industry since the late 90’s. in the early 00’s he did a lot of training on colour management and immediately set to work utilising his new skills.
Producing a lot of wide format profiles he gained quite a reputation for his skills increasing his success until 2004 he decided to form a company called Cielab. Cielab became one of the largest suppliers to the wide format print industries and became one of the top three largest HP Designjet & Scitex dealers in Australia. Unfortunately due to marital separation Cielab was closed in 2013. Since then Rooney has continued offering very high end calibration solutions with a far more focused drive no longer offering wide format hardware or consumables, but dedicating his energy to colour and workflow solutions.

The Colour Guru is an extension of these services offering dynamic online solutions and information

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