Mar 182011

Because a colour you are trying to compare in the middle of a print is being visually tainted by what surrounds it, it’s a good idea to cut a black card with 2 holes of equal size and shape that are the right size to show only the colour you are comparing. Place the colour in the print that you are trying to match under one hole, and your reference (e.g. pantone swatch) under the other hole. Here is an example of what to create:

This eliminates many of the pitfalls of colour comparison and it’s something I highly recommend trying at some stage. If you are unsure why you need this then I suggest you look at the Dale Purves web site in ourĀ links page. This site gives clear and obvious examples of what you can experience on a print.

I am looking at producing these if there is enough call for it. Please register your interest with me.


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