Mar 182011

Q) Can’t I download a free profile from the internet and achieve the same thing?

A) Profiles are incredibly specific and will only work accurately for that 1 precise combination. So if you can find the exact profile for the media/ink/printer/rip/resolution combination you are using, then that will definitely improve your results.

But what many people overlook is the calibration stage that comes before a profile. Every different printer is slightly different, and to overcome this for best results you should re-calibrate each printer. This can only be done with measurement equipment on your exact printer.

Alternatively HP Designjet printers contain an embedded spectrophotometer and in some workflows will do a “closed loop calibration” where the printer itself will maintain its own internal colour stability. HP call this “Dream Color”

Cielab offer a membership solution called “ColourCLUB” where our customers are given member only access to cielab managed colour profiles to be used in conjunction with HP Designjet printers using Dream Color technology. For more information about this service contact your Cielab representative or call 1300 243 522 (within Australia)

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