Mar 222011
Hi Mike,
I am doing some work with REDACTED and we are having a discussion about what colour space is best used for Artwork that will be best suited for his machines.
For as long as I have had to do any print work I have used the CMYK colour space and RGB for anything to do with screen.
Any info to help clarify this would be great and more specifically about that printer of his.


Mar 182011

All printers will vary in colour and output between individual devices, even when they are identical printers, inks and substrates.

In cielab’s testing across identical Roland printers we have been surprised at just how substantial the colour difference is. Our testing was comprehensive and included 4x SJ740 printers and 2x SJ-745 printers, all with identical inks and print media, but with printheads of varying ages. We found that in most cases spectral calibration with external equipment did bring this into line, but it does show that generic ICC profile and media settings provided by vendors (not generated in your office with your printer and then calibrated into the other printers) will only get you so far. This is better than nothing however it’s unlikely that you will see consistent results unless you calibrate each individual printer onsite with high quality external measurement spectral equipment.

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Mar 182011

  • ALL solvent printers are toxic in some way and can be be harmful after prolonged exposure to the vapours (VOC’s) time and time again. To quote one common solvent ink “Proven to cause permanent brain damage”. You should always take safety precautions around these machines by wearing the correct breathing apparatus and using air filtration devices. Continue reading »
Mar 182011

  • When you load the paper into the machine, you should form feed & cut off the front edge of the media is the roll has been left exposed to the open air or handled to eliminate incorrect print from this area.
  • Media for these printers has a special coating and you should try to avoid touching the coated side of the media with your bare hands. Continue reading »