Mar 222011
Hi Mike,
I am doing some work with REDACTED and we are having a discussion about what colour space is best used for Artwork that will be best suited for his machines.
For as long as I have had to do any print work I have used the CMYK colour space and RGB for anything to do with screen.
Any info to help clarify this would be great and more specifically about that printer of his.


Mar 222011

It is a VERY common situation that people in particularly the signage and digital textiles industries are used to using “generic” colour profiles that are generally acceptable however its typical that a time comes that this will not do what ever is needed for a job or customer. This is usually when a high accuracy colour ICC profile is required and is paid to be generated onsite.

I find a lot of instances where after the generation of this custom colour profile that is now producing accurate and balanced colour, along with true Pantone colours however generally is thought to be “dull” or “less vibrant”.

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Mar 182011

I am creating color profile for inkjet printer
I want to know how to convert LAB to CMYK and reversion

Thanks a lot

This can be done through one of the Adobe type applications such as Photoshop, however it is very important that you understand that the result will depend on your colour management settings within the application. CMYK is device specific and NOT generic, and so to do this conversion properly you must first know the device profile for CMYK that you would like to convert your LAB data to.

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Aug 212008

We have an Eye One Proof (I1) that has failed the diagnostic tests using the Xrite supplied diagnostic software on both Mac & PC.

We returned it to the Australian Distributor (DES-PL) for repair, and after months, it was returned with a cirtificate of calibration???
We ran the diagnostic software again to test if it had been repaired, and it immediately failed the reflectance tests again. We AGAIN returned it to DES for repair who sent the I1 off to Xrite again (supplied with printed log results clearly listing where it failed in the case).

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May 182008

I have tested and discovered that Profile Maker v5 tends to give very bad or dirty pure hue colous (especially such as Yellow).

This is more evident when compared to other applications such as BARBIERI electronic’s Profile-Xpert Print 4c, or Eye-One Match.
I have been generating custom ICC print profiles for quite a number of years now in heavy profile prodution across a lot of customer sites and have found this to be very consistent and undesirable.

I suspect that the profile is trying to get a darker yellow density by adding black ink, and the effect is very undesirable, however i have not had this problem since using other applications.