Jun 272011

We have found it a common problem for people to have trouble for the first while to become familiar with the right workflow for Print to cut when using a separate Mutoh vinyl cutter with a barcode workflow. For Cielab this is usually with the Mutoh Kona vinyl cutters but will also be relevant to other Mutoh cutters from Flexisign.

Please follow these steps for best results and if you are still having trouble please comment below.

Prior to following these steps make sure you have these things ready to go:

  • Make sure you have installed the Mutoh Cut Server
  • Set the folder for Mutoh Cut Server to read it’s jobs from
  • within Flexi – Production Manager (Photoprint) make sure you have added your Mutoh Cutter in and called it “Contour” for reference and make the port when setting this device up for it is set to go to “File” and browse to that folder you set the Mutoh Cut Server to read from

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Apr 142011

We have seen a few instances where our customers are running a print from one device to cut contour workflow via Mutoh Cut Server that takes advantage of the job barcode system only to find that on occasion the barcode does not match the print job.

This is almost always caused by a change being made after the print was made but before the cut contour was made to Mutoh Cut Server. If the change was only minor and you are confident that the cut path will still be accurate to the print then the Mutoh Cut Server job folder will contain the cut job with the wrong barcode details Continue reading »