Mar 182011

We note here there is a bug with the cutters on Canon IPF8000 printers (and potentially other similar models).

The bug is that somewhat randomly the cutter works and other times doesn’t cut. This has been reported to us by a number of customers to date.

Our customers have reported this fault to Canon and are all in the same situation, waiting for something to be done to rectify the problem.

Mar 182011

Because we generate profiles across very much all printer brands we quickly notice things like Bronzing (a colour appears a brown/gold colour when light is on a particular light reflection).

I have found the Blue ink on this printer to be particularly bad, this is very visible during profile calibration steps on photo papers.

Bronzing is particularly a problem for photographic reproduction on glossy photopapers and as such I can not recommend this printer where a high quality of print is expected

If you would like to know more about bronzing, search for it in the learn section of the menu