Jun 272011

We have found a couple of our customers loading the HP Designjet L25500 Latex printer incorrectly, and have found that the media sometimes unwinds after load or at the first print.

Another variation of this is that the printer may say the “substrate may be detached from the core”

This situation is created by loading media in a way that tricks the printer.

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Apr 142011

We have seen a couple of occasions where HP Designjet L25500 customers have had the following error but there is no visible jam:

HP device alert:
Event:Non-continuable error – Possible substrate jam

In these examples we found it was due to the carriage rail not being sufficiently lubricated and after extended or high volume use the carriage tension on the drive motor is strong enough that it suspects a possible media jam when this is not the case.

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Apr 142011

Cielab is posting these codes to offer some initial support in the event of one of these codes occurring perhaps out of hours when HP may not be contactable. Please note this is taken directly from the User Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide that you received with your printer, this information being on the Cielab website is just an easier searchable form of that information.

Please note that by offering this information we accept no liability, and it is important that you call HP support (ph 13 10 47 within Australia) to book a technician callout as required.


When a system error appears on the screen , the best practice is to :

Note what occurred at the time of the error and the position of the Carriage / Substrate and any other behaviour and the Job type & parameters.

If printer is still functioning , then please gather the Printer info

Access via the Embedded Webserver : Enter the IP address into a browser:   Select    >Support>Printer Info>All Pages & Save as *.mht file if possible (web archive). This fie can be emailed for reviewing by Cielab or by HP.

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