Mar 182011
n comparison to the Wacom Cintiq12 the Cintiq21 is a far better screen for colour accuracy when calibrated a high level such as BARBIERI Electronic Profile Xpert Display. 

This result demonstrated that this display is the ultimate design and artistic creation tool.Cintiq 21 Monitor Validation.png

Mar 182011

Validation results on the new HP Dreamcolor LP2480ZX 24″ monitor.

Results are extremely good, however it’s notable that we did not do a hardware calibration to achieve this result. It may be that hardware calibration is not available or that by plugging our spectro into the computer rather than the USB ports on the monitor itself it was bypassed, unfortunately we did not have much time with the device to retest it.
Hardware calibration aside the results are up there with the best.

DE result:

HP Dreamcolor LP2480ZX DE.png

DE94 result:

HP Dreamcolor LP2480ZX DE94.png

Mar 182011

Without any doubt the best and most accurate solution on the marketplace at this stage

DE result:

Spectraview 2690 DE.png

DE 94 result:

Spectraview 2690 DE94.png

I must point out that these results are for the first generation Spectraview 2690, and that the 2nd generation is significantly more accurate that these results. I will post an updated result for the 2nd generation display as I get time.

Mar 182011

Wacom Cintiq 12WX interactive pen display

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NOTE: these results are not typical for out of the box – they can only be achieved with Barbieri Electronic Monitor profile software or BasICColor software. These results have not been achievable with other software that we have tested