Aug 212008

We have an Eye One Proof (I1) that has failed the diagnostic tests using the Xrite supplied diagnostic software on both Mac & PC.

We returned it to the Australian Distributor (DES-PL) for repair, and after months, it was returned with a cirtificate of calibration???
We ran the diagnostic software again to test if it had been repaired, and it immediately failed the reflectance tests again. We AGAIN returned it to DES for repair who sent the I1 off to Xrite again (supplied with printed log results clearly listing where it failed in the case).

After many more months DES refuse to return it to us, saying that it always worked and now it’s out of warranty and so demanding that we pay the freight to Xrite and back, holding the I1 as hostage.

Ironically this has gone on for more than 6 months and we are still to receive this invoice for freight, while DES continue to demand that we pay the invoice (we never got, and have requested even though we refuse to pay it if we do get it) before they send it back.

Furthermore, the story doesn’t end here. I have since finding this problem with our I1, begun testing customer I1 spectro’s and have since found a number of other customers with the same failed result, and having similar problems getting a working unit repaired or replaced with another one that passes this test.

If you have an I1 we recommend running the included software on the installation disk to see if your I1 passes or fails, and post here to let us know your results.

I welcome DES or Xrite to respond here if they have one, we welcome them to participate in this topic

Updated 17 Dec 2008:

I have at last received our I1 back from DES.

No sorry, explanation or otherwise – and all it took was me to begin legal proceedings against them and then involve directly Xrite. I eventually received an email from Xrite notifying me that Ian Clare (director of DES) had been instructed to return the device to us and cancel any charges.

Perhaps there is common sense at Xrite, but obviously not at DES.

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