Jun 272011

We have found it a common problem for people to have trouble for the first while to become familiar with the right workflow for Print to cut when using a separate Mutoh vinyl cutter with a barcode workflow. For Cielab this is usually with the Mutoh Kona vinyl cutters but will also be relevant to other Mutoh cutters from Flexisign.

Please follow these steps for best results and if you are still having trouble please comment below.

Prior to following these steps make sure you have these things ready to go:

  • Make sure you have installed the Mutoh Cut Server
  • Set the folder for Mutoh Cut Server to read it’s jobs from
  • within Flexi – Production Manager (Photoprint) make sure you have added your Mutoh Cutter in and called it “Contour” for reference and make the port when setting this device up for it is set to go to “File” and browse to that folder you set the Mutoh Cut Server to read from

If you are using Flexisign Pro then please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure to add your contour line around your job if not already there so that the cutter knows where to cut in the print
  2. From within Flexi select “Rip & Print” from the top program icons.
  3. If it asks for the connection to Production Manager – Local or network – this is asking you if Production Manager is installed on the same PC (Local) or on another PC on the network, select it and Production Manager will open if not already in the background
  4. from within Flexi “Rip & Print” a dialog box will open for you to set up your job. You can within this select your job settings as if you would from Production Manager but I suggest you set ALL settings for the job into this screen so that no changes are required later within Production Manager because if changes are made at that later stage it is possible that the barcode will not match the print because the job setting will have changed and therefore generated a new barcode
  5. Set up both the media size for the printer, and the media size under the cutter tab to the same width. Flexi will allow enough space around the job for the registration bars to be read so nothing need be overridden in this.
  6. Within the cutter tab, select “Mutoh Type 2” to add the barcode to the print job (if the job is fairly long and you require additional accuracy over a greater length you can choose “Mutoh Multi-Segmented” marks and the cutter will reposition the cut at regular intervals and the cut will become very accurate.
  7. Go to Production Manager and select your printer que and send the job to print (must be done first before sending the cut job so that the barcode number is generated)
  8. Go to the cut contour que (only after the print job has ripped) and send the cut job to file, when it asks you to save the file do not change anything – just select save
  9. load the printed job into your Mutoh Kona vinyl cutter (best practice is to align the print to the front of the cutter to make to measurement and cut easier to achieve accurately)
  10. Open “Mutoh Cut Server” and make sure your cut job is in the que, if not refresh the que from the button at the top of the application.
  11. make sure the Mutoh Kona is selected at the bottom of the application with a tick next to the cutter to ensure it is connected
  12. select the “GO” button to the bottom right – the cutter should now measure the job and barcode, find the job from the que and cut it

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