Mar 182011
  • Many people run gloss laminate on one side of their laminator and matt on the other. This means that if a customer requests gloss or matt, they simply face the viewing surface towards the requested finish on the laminator eliminating the need to change back and forwards form gloss to matt all of the time
  • When hot laminating inkjet photo prints, you should use a “Low-Melt” type film. Being water based inks, if the print isn’t 100% dry when hot laminating with normal film (over 100°c), the remaining water is evaporated out as the laminate is applied and the laminate often doesn’t stick well to the photo paper. This Low-Melt film will require less heat (less than 100°c) and reduces the chances of this problem.
  • Getting the tension set right on these laminators is very important to eliminate waves appearing through the finished product. This should be set by a qualified and experienced technician for best results. Waves don’t always mean your tension is incorrect, after time your rollers may deform and need to be replaced.
  • Hot-roller type laminators will always do a superior finish to the hot-shoe type. It’s always worth the additional investment if you can afford the upgrade. Roller diameter is also an important consideration in the purchase of a laminator, larger rollers allow for more pressure and offer a better finish.
  • More tips coming soon


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