Jun 092011

How to update a Cyclone Colour Profile:

  • Through the “Postscript File Downloader” load the 2 calibration strips “plotter 31 dark ink & plotter 31 light ink”
  • Wait 30mins for dry-back.
  • Scan in the “Dark ink” strips using the Cyclone Automatic Linearization System with the spectrophotometer.
  • Compare visually where the darkest light-cyan & light-magenta patches on the “Light Ink” strips match the density of the “Dark Ink strips” and note the number of that patch. Use the following conversion chart to find the correct setting for the Light-cyan & Light-Magenta crossover points.

30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16
255 248 240 232 224 216 208 192 176 160 144 128 112 96 80


15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
64 56 48 44 40 36 32 28 24 20 16 12 9 6 3


  • Go to the D:\Cyclone Data\Color.usr folder and create a new folder called “New” and copy the new *.den file to this location. There will also have been a new *.mlt file created – delete this as it will not be used.
  • Copy any *.ept file from the D:\Cyclone Data\Color folder to your newly created folder and rename it to something suitable. Right click and open this file in Notepad.
  • Open the “MLTedit” program from C:\Cyclone. Cancel anything it asks so you are left with a blank screen. Select from the top menu “Options” and then “Device”. Press the “Set” button and browse for the .ept file you copied and renamed to the new folder and click “Open” the “OK”.
  • Select “Open MLT file” and change the type of file you are looking for to “Density files” and select the .den file you moved to the “New” folder. This will open the density curves and show on the left side “TARG” values & “DMAX” values. Transfer the DMAX values (rounding the last digit e.g. 1.110) to the open .EPT file under the “High Target” & “Density Limit” headings remembering that the EPT is in a different order to the Density file and that V=K. Save and close the EPT file.
  • Close the density file Without Saving in MLT Edit and re-open it as before. The TARG should now hold the settings you put into the EPT file. “Save as” into the D:\CycloneData\Colour.usr folder as a logical name.mlt
  • In Cyclone Manager, under printer configuration, on the colour tab select the new MLT you have just saved to the “User” color model you are using.
  • You can now print out the profile target (eg. IT8.7-3 or ECI20002) and a “Ink Limit GCR” chart to help select the separation in Profile Maker.
  • Wait at least 30mins to “Dry-Back”
  • Read in the target to Profile Maker and save as an ICM extension.
  • Open EPTtagger from C:\cyclone and load the EPT file created and the new ICM file and select “Add EPT Tag to ICC”. Close this program.
  • From Cyclone Manager – open “ICC ColorBuilder” and load the desired profiles and rendering intents. Select “Build” and save it to the D:\CycloneData\Color.usr folder with a logical name.
  • In the Cyclone Manager – Printer Configuration “Color” tab select the new CTT file.
  • You can now test and evaluate the new setup.
  • Open the Cyclone .TML file in Notepad and save the settings to the relevant section.


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