Jun 272011

We have found a couple of our customers loading the HP Designjet L25500 Latex printer incorrectly, and have found that the media sometimes unwinds after load or at the first print.

Another variation of this is that the printer may say the “substrate may be detached from the core”

This situation is created by loading media in a way that tricks the printer.

To explain, while loading – immediately after selecting the “substrate” type from the printer LCD screen – the printer winds some media out to start checking the media for skew and width etc.

One of the reasons the printer advances the media at this point is to identify whether the media is wound “print side in” or “print side out” (some media is wound backwards, for various reasons) so that it can apply a back tension to the loaded roll. This back tension improves print advance consistency and also winds the media back onto the core as the printer winds backwards so that it does not touch the floor.

This unwinding situation is caused usually if while loading the media too much is wound out while pushing it into the printer, then coincidentally the person loading the printer winds this excess media back onto the core at the same time the printer is advancing the media expecting to identify what way the media is wound – therefore tricking the printer into thinking the media is wound the opposite way so that when it attempts to put some back tension it actually unwinds the roll from the core.


Make sure that after you push the media into the printer but “before” you select the substrate you make sure the media is wound tightly to the core and not loose.

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