May 192009

We have tested and discovered that when generating new media within Photoprint v6 (and this will also affect Flexi 8.5) that the multi-channel ink restrictions (3rd step in color profiler) is lost after the ICC is loaded at the final step, this then intern can create bleeding at output that is very hard to control at a rip level. If you have Photoprint Server Pro, or Flexisign Pro and are generating the ICC as the 4th step in Color Profiler (within the rip rather than from within your 3rd party profile application), you will be prompted to enter GCR settings that apply another ink restriction that may overcome the problem.

The best resolution we have discovered is to ensure you have not left the initial per channel ink restrictions too high and not to use this feature until it is corrected.
SP3 is due out any day now so please ensure that you are fully up to date.

UPDATE: This has now been resolved in the updated versions.

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