Mar 182011

  • ALL solvent printers are toxic in some way and can be be harmful after prolonged exposure to the vapours (VOC’s) time and time again. To quote one common solvent ink “Proven to cause permanent brain damage”. You should always take safety precautions around these machines by wearing the correct breathing apparatus and using air filtration devices.
  • These printers are very prone to nozzle clogging, so always leave your printer turned on (so it can cycle through it’s clean as it needs to) and if you are going to leave the printer unused for any period of time, have a technician flush clean the ink lines & printheads (if these dry it can be incredibly expensive to get the printer going again.
  • Some solvent printer manufacturers refer to their ink as “Eco”, but you should be aware that this has nothing to do with the environment or toxicity to people breathing it’s fumes. This often refers to “Economy Inks” and you should always refer to the MSDS for the ink for handling requirements. Never make assumptions when it comes to your workers or your own health.
  • These printers rely on firing a very small drop of ink at the media, and the direction accuracy of this is affected by environmental conditions such as climate & humidity. If this varies then the printed results will vary sometimes causing banding or poor alignment. You should take every chance you have to keep the conditions the same all of the time to help eliminate this problem. To overcome this change you should re-calibrate the printer or do an alignment and monitor the humidity.
  • More tips coming soon

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