Jul 182012

While at the Sign Ad event in Shanghai I took the time to look at one of the larger chinese manufacturers NAR.

I was in a small group of about 5, all also media vendors from around the world including France, Brazil etc.

NAR seems to be one of the better manufacturers in China, as you can see they have an excellent testing laboratory working to check consistency, however still you will note on their lab results sheet most lines are “OK” however a few are “NG” (Not Good). I think we all know those rolls will still be sold but to the people looking for cheaper price.

Also I note that at the Sign Ad show there would have been over 100 media venders offering product however there are clearly not that many factories – almost all of them are brokering product from other companies (yet will gladly tell you they manufacture the product and even take you on a factory tour as I did with NAR, however the factory is not their own and in this situation you loose control over consistency and also in paying a broker margin force the quality down further to remain competitive with chinese pricing. Continue reading »

Apr 182011

I see and get asked very regularly why sometimes in digital printing you get a different colored box around drop shadows, transparencies and sometimes masks.

The reason is because sometimes the printer rip software allows a different “rendering intent” to be selected for images (bitmap) to vector (spot colours) and quite often the rip software will even default these to be different settings for the 2 things.

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