Jun 142016

The shitbox rally is a fund raiser annual event to raise money for the Cancer Council. This year cars drove over 5000km from central Queensland via outback NSW into Victoria before crossing the Tasmin Straight on the Spirit of Tasmania into Launceston.

Cielab founder Michael Rooney was asked by friends Thomas and Luke of the “Stonecutters” car to provide signage and I was happy to assist by sponsoring it for them.

It was produced at one of my very long term customers of well over ten years, Qld Sign Factory.

Unexpectedly Luke fell very ill and wasn’t able to go on the rally because of urgent surgery, so Bradley was quickly called to take Luke’s place.

Well little did I know I was to end up sponsoring their car signage twice this year because the trusty Ford outback ute made it 20mins north of Brisbane before blowing a head gaskit.

Swiping quickly to a friend’s car I had about 2hrs to have another set of stickers produced and raced to meet them on the side of the road as they departed for a second time.

The new car survived the entire trip and the rally raised over Au$1.5m.

Because Luke was unable to go this year Luke has been guaranteed a place in next years rally so stay tuned next year.

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