Apr 222012

VIIE 2012 was held at the Gold Coast convention and exhibition centre in April.

The products we demonstrated bring together our “Workflow that Works” solution but with some new key products.

Demonstrated was the HP Designjet L26500 Latex 61″ printer, HP’s second generation of this model replacing the remarkably successful L25500 series.

Running the printer was 2 choices of software depending on your requirements, we Demonstrated SAi Photoprint / Flexisign production software – one of the largest and most popular sign making software in the world. The other was the first public demonstration of the new SAi Pixelblaster workflow solution, met with great interest by those that had a demonstration.

From Wacom we showed the Cintiq 24HD pen display suitable for digital file creation and edition by drawing directly into existing software with specific and various pens with remarkable accuracy.

For adhesive vinyl print to contour/cut workflow we demonstrated the Mutoh Kona 1400 vinyl cutter capable of accuracy over any length, pouncing, as well as cutting the backing paper of the sticker out to a sake to create a finished decal. Most notably is the barcode the Cielab solution puts into the print that later the vinyl cutter recognises to pull the correct contour file from the list of waiting jobs.

Lamination and mounting was demonstrated with the demonstration of the Royal Sovereign 1650mm wide heat assist laminator. This laminator was used in the creation of the Cielab stand showing no silvering, bubbles and also ask the accuracy of mounting adhesive vinyl to three meter long boards you will notice on the back of the Cielab stand.




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