Mar 182011

  • When you load the paper into the machine, you should form feed & cut off the front edge of the media is the roll has been left exposed to the open air or handled to eliminate incorrect print from this area.
  • Media for these printers has a special coating and you should try to avoid touching the coated side of the media with your bare hands. Your skin has oils that will be absorbed by this coating and leave flawed print results or even fingerprints. The best thing is to have some white cotton gloves handy to the machine and use them to handle the media (In Australia these can be purchased from the cleaning section of shops such as Coles).
  • Each media needs a custom profile for each resolution on the machine, and should be re-calibrated regularly to remain accurate. Even if a media sounds the same as the profile you have, if it comes from a different vendor or manufacturer the coating is often patented and will require a new profile to be generated for accuracy.
  • These printers rely on their water based inks being absorbed by the coating on the media, and this is affected by environmental conditions such as climate & humidity. If this varies then the printed results will vary sometimes causing bleeding or incorrect results. You should take every chance you have to keep the conditions the same all of the time to help eliminate this problem. To overcome this change you should re-calibrate the printer.

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