Mar 182011

While colour may not be your primary concern, with correct calibration and profiles the printer results overall will improve and the investment at this stage will repay itself very quickly by eliminating wasted labour and consumables trying to please a customer that’s unhappy with the results produced. It also gives you piece of mind, and faith in the results that come from your printer. Most people that have invested in a solution like this comment quickly that they are pleasantly surprised by the improvement in their results.

Rips all offer varied features and benefits, all of them with pros and cons. It comes down very much to your requirements and investigation into each rip. Often just because a printer is offered with a rip, the rip may not be the best selection for your needs. It’s well worth not only looking at each dealers printers, but also rips. Many people don’t realise they can often mix and match the two depending on their needs.

Many rips have features like Nesting, queuing, step and repeat, scaling, cropping, spot colour replacement etc. You should consider how your needs match the rip you are viewing, and also the companies ability to support you with custom calibration and profiling should you require – not all rips handle this well, or in some cases – at all. A bad choice can cost you dearly later.

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